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Corporate Menu

Enjoy unique South Indian dishes for your special occasions. Taste crispy vadas, flavorful biryanis, and more that will make your event memorable.

Events We Cater

Wedding Menu

Add South Indian flavors to your wedding with traditional thalis, chutneys, and sweet payasam, giving your big day an authentic touch.

Events We Cater

Social Menu

Make social gatherings colorful with sambar-topped idlis, masala dosas, and other South Indian delights that spark conversations.

Events We Cater

Private Menu

Your private gatherings with personalized South Indian menus, offering warmth and the comfort of home-cooked favorites.

Events We Cater

Birthday Menu

Celebrate birthdays with crispy snacks like murukku, sweet treats like mysore pak, and unique South Indian snacks for a joyful party.

Events We Cater

Anniversary Menu

Honor love with coconut curries, tender meat dishes, and rich South Indian flavors that symbolize the journey of togetherness.